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my mug shotClick for larger image A Little Info About the Whittler
I grew up in Fresno, CA right next to the airport and from a young age was fascinated with things
mechanical.  My parents had to keep anything they valued out of reach or else I'd take it apart
to see how it worked (sometimes I'd even put it back together right).
After repairing bikes and lawn mowers I moved up to cars when I was 15, restoring (um...never did get
the car painted) a '39 Dodge; then at 17 beginning my life-long love affair with the Mustang,
today owning two of the classic ponycars and drag racing one.
Heave Ho!                      Watch out for the Sheriff!'39 Dodge (circa 1974)
      Don't know my own strength                      Driving around the neighborhood without the body on-(kids, don't do this at home!)
   I've been doing machine work for about 19 years, working about 7 years for a 
Fresno area shop before going out on my own.  My shop is located in the small farming
community of Kerman, CA, about 20 miles west of Fresno. 
 My hobbies include cycling, fishing, herpetology (that's reptiles), being a zoo docent(263K), 
landscape design (see picture below), architecture and, of course, drag racing.
64 1/2 D Code Coupe
   Cycling Kaiser Pass
   For those of you who enjoy traveling, I encourage you to share some of your exploits.....I'm always 
 looking for links to mysterious and different places.  I share some of mine on my travel page(214K).
To read about my newest adventure, please check out my Russia House(190K) page, where I will 
chronicle my trips to the Former Soviet Union in search of my heritage and maybe a little romance too! 
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