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'65 Mustang Fastback

This car was originally built in 1973 and updated to a full cage and strut suspension in 1981......Ran consistent 11.40's @ sea level through the mufflers........

Then: Circa 1979

And Now...
Photographed at the Division 7 Bracket Finals in Phoenix, AZ in 1996.

Vehicle Specs

  • Wheelbase 108" Weight (wet without driver) 2520 lbs
  • Engine '69 351 Windsor +.030 - Trans '65 C-4 with 10" converter
  • This is a mild combo that you could drive on the street; e-mail me for specs
  • Aluminum Strut front suspension with lightweight disc brakes
  • Weld spindle mounts with Moroso tires
  • The front end can be removed by one person; hood removes separately
  • 4-link rear suspension with floating leaf springs
  • 9 inch Ford rear axle 44" flange to flange with stock drum brakes
  • Mark Williams Nodular Iron third member with aluminum pinion support
  • 5.14:1 gear ratio - 31 spline Ford axles
  • 15x12 Welds with Firestone 13x31W's
  • Appropriate fuel, electrical, and safety systems
  • This is a race car - no interior except for stock dash and headliner
  • No electronics - this is a foot brake (NHRA Sportsman Bracket) car
  • 1/4 Mile thru the mufflers - MPH -118.37 / E.T.-11.39 / 60 foot -1.57 @ sea level 

Photographs from circa 2001- click on the picture for a larger image. Most images are around 100K.


This has been a full-fledged race car for nearly 30 years now and hasn't been registered since 1973. It only bears a superficial resemblance to the Mustang fastback it was built from. I don't believe it could be successfully returned to the street. I get many inquiries about making it into a "Pro Street" car and my answer is "anything is possible".


In 2011, anything is possible came true and a customer bought the car and has returned it to stock condition as a street driver for his wife. Hence, the race car is forever gone but its memory will remain on these pages after 32 years of ownership.

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