VMF Lingo....

For those of you who care...*G*

And, for all you really new newbies, *G* means GRIN!!!!

SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed

SWMBATH = She Who Must Be Atilla The Hun (courtesy of jttIndio, our vmf desert rat *G*)

HWMBLTBNO = He Who Must Be Listened To But Not Obeyed (that's the female version *G*)

HWMOM = He who must obey me!!!! (Submitted by Sally67)

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

IIUC= If I Understand Correctly

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

FWIW = For What It's Worth

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

BTW = By The Way

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off

OF = Old Fart (that's me..*G*)

AWYAT = And While You Are There

AWYAI = And While You're At It

Guru = Supposed expert on a certain area or areas of Mustangs

Doofus = A true VMF award winner (of the bonehead mistake kind)

Doofette = A doofus of the fairer sex, perhaps?? *G*

W = 351 Windsor (that's the one with the heads like a 289/302)

C = 351 Cleveland (canted valve heads like the Boss 302) AKA 335 series

FE = Big block 331, 352, 360, 361, 390, 391, 406, 410, 427 (Thanks Hal *G*), 428....did I miss any? *G*

385 Series = 429, 460 big blocks...

Here's a little ditty from our good friend Dickson....

I drank a bit too much coffee last night, and sat up thinking about all the stuff I've learned on the VMF. On top of all the mustang knowledge, I now occasionally find myself lapsing into "VMF speak" in other emails.

After a while here, most of us pick up some recurring phrases or acronyms. For example:








and of course ,SWMBO... which seems to stump most newbies.

But think of all the time we could save with the following:

NAE - non-arguable edict

LAMO - ladies anti-mustang operative

PP - pony pass (free mustang day)

WORM - without residual malice

QTWF - quality time with family

MRPs - mustang-related pals

ELOHDs- enormous list of honey-do's

ROEGOT- rolling of eyes, gnashing of teeth

for example, a sample post:

"What a LAMO my wife can be! I was really looking forward to a PP WORM to go to the show with my MRPs, but SWMBO said no. After much ROEGOT her NAE was that I had an ELOHDs and needed some QTWF."

What do you think? (I think I have too much time, and excessive access to caffeine)

Remember also, that in mustang speak:

"Help" = assistance kids give that make tasks take twice as long.

"Saved Money" = NPD has a 2 for 1 sale on carbs, so I bought 3 !!!

"It's a quick flip car" = will be sold after 27 months of effort, at a loss.

"rust free" = rust hidden

"90% done" = 70% of parts there - unlabeled & unassembled

"working on our taxes" = posting on the VMF

Pity on those newbies who dip a toe into the VMF without an idea of what a "K" code car is, what SCJ means, etc...... Dickson

--Courtesy of Gene_J

Rust Free. No charge for the rust!

---Courtesy of Russstang---

OEAMO - opinions expressed are my own

I'll add more as they come to mind...hehehe