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I started my journey by browsing the personals ads on American Singles. There are literally thousands of ads so I narrowed my search to a specific country (Ukraine....see map) and eventually to a couple of cities. I only wrote to those women who had e-mail addresses. I wrote a short biography and included it along with a closeup photo and a brief letter describing my interest in each lady. I sent 8-10 letters per weekend over a six week period. I got about one response for every 6 letters I sent. I am naturally attracted to older women here in the US but had to learn that RW/UW (Russian and Ukranian women) prefer men their own age or older (up to 10-15 years older). I had to adjust my focus accordingly.

As I began to receive responses, I realized I must learn more about the culture and customs of these women if I hoped to meet my future life partner in the FSU (Former Soviet Union). By surfing the Web, I ran into a group of men on a similar journey who share ideas and opinions in a public forum called the Russian Women's List (RWL). I found a wealth of information and links to other sites in the member posts on the list. It is still my number one source of help and hope in my search. I am what is called a "lurker" (I haven't posted to the list yet.....I plan to as soon as I have something constructive to say *grin*).

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Lviv, Ukraine


I will continue this story with some of my travel experiences .............stay tuned!


For now......

Some good links...........

See Mario Lamothe's site for a guide to finding a life partner over the Internet....he lists and rates dating and marriage services, both pay and free, from around the world.

For an introduction to the Russian Web and information on "Russifying" your computer, see this great site......it has some links for Russian radio stations too.

Visit the site of another RWL old-timer, Frank, and share his experiences of travel to both the FSU and other places in the world.....great links to important info on meeting and marrying a FSU woman!

Go to a great place to learn about an RWL member's firsthand experience with the process of finding and courting a Russian Lady.

To send e-mail and e-mail to postal mail messages as well as translations and gifts........see Robert and Lilya Frye's Flower and Gift International. They're great folks and regular posters on the RWL.

Want to ride a train in Ukraine? Find your train schedules here in both Russian and English.

Click for Chicago, Illinois Forecast

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Update December 18,1999.......got engaged to a wonderful American! lady and we'll be married in August of 2000. I met her shortly after my trip to Ukraine and will devote a seperate page to that adventure. 


E-mail: good_earth@yahoo.com

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